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The Whole Story

Every time I flip through my images and I come across my photos of Alcatraz, I have an immediate emotional reaction.  I’ve wondered why I have such a fascination with this crumbling ruin of a prison. I think the appeal is that there are so many untold, undiscovered stories held captive behind its walls, many of which will never be told.

I wonder sometimes what stories people would make up about me and my life if they only had the keepsakes of my life to go by.  Would the stories be exciting or boring? Would I be recast as brave and adventurous or quiet and still? What would they make of my music collection or my bookcases full of books of all genres? Would they see my video games and think – sedentary? Or would they find my pile of well-worn running shoes and come to a different conclusion?

I think we go through life trying to tell our own story, trying to share it with others in whatever way we’re comfortable. For some, social media is a fantastic outlet. Perhaps some are outgoing and tell stories to random strangers they meet in the airport. But I also believe that we carefully curate our image, telling only the parts of the story that fit with the impression we want to leave behind. There’s nothing inherently wrong with cultivating your image. But I think we’re always left a little dissatisfied and perhaps feel a little incomplete when we edit out parts of our story.

I am so lucky to have at least one person in my life with whom I can share the whole story. I hope all of you have that, too.


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