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Where You Bloom

I have a natural inclination to scoff at platitudes. I acknowledge this and truly try to check my attitude when I see inspirational memes or images. I know these can bring comfort, joy, and encouragement to many. However, words matter to me to a great extent. Carefully chosen words can enlighten, inspire, and uplift. Poorly chosen words can foster discord, confusion, and pain.
Recently, I keep encountering a particular “inspirational” phrase that resonates discordantly within me. The phrase “Bloom where you are planted” appears in happy script above a beautifully flowering plant. On the surface, I agree with the concept of perseverance, thriving amidst circumstances, and finding peace, joy, and success where you are.

But…you are not a plant.

You have legs. If you find yourself in soil that poisons instead of feeds you, move. Change your environment. Be a little selfish. Because no matter how much nature wants to survive, not all plants are suited for all environments. Anyone who has nurtured an orchid, a succulent, roses, or any number of particular plants knows that you cannot treat them all to the same light, water, and soil conditions. But you, my dear, are not a plant. You have autonomy. You have the ability to move yourself, literally and figuratively. You have the wide world at your doorstep. So instead of blooming where you’re planted, seek and build an environment where you can thrive.

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