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Worn and Weathered

I love the worn and weathered. I find so much beauty in something that has served a purpose and served it well.

My dad has an impressive knack for repurposing broken relics of the past. He takes something that can no longer serve the purpose for which it was created and gives it a new life as something different. I like to think that I do something similar with my photographs, that through finding the combination of angle, light, and shadow I can catch the beauty in the things we leave behind.

Perhaps my fascination with these worn remnants is symbolic of how I view life. I believe in living my life with a purpose, with the intention of leaving things better than how I found them. It sounds like there’s a nice metaphor in there somewhere, but I’m still working on my first cup of coffee, so I’m going to leave it for someone else to unearth.

Maybe some of my photographs will speak to you and they will find their purpose as icons of beauty and inspiration on the walls of your home. (Shameless plug: contact me if something strikes your fancy and you’d like to order a print).

For now, I’m going to leave you with some remnants, some relics, and a little beauty. I’m also going to leave you with these words: there is honor and beauty in having served a purpose and served it well. But we are not one-use, disposable items. Each of us can be repurposed, revamped, and renewed to accomplish much more than we ever imagined.

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