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Spinning in Circles

Oliver Park, Mansfield, TX – January 2019

Have you ever heard of someone talk about “spinning their wheels” or “running in circles” meaning that they are putting out a lot of effort without going anywhere? Sometimes it feels like we’re making no progress, no matter how hard we work. It is hard to keep up that level of effort with no visible result.

But spinning in circles is kind of the opposite for a windmill. It never goes anywhere, but the process of rotation means it is generating energy, powering something else. So if you’re feeling like your effort is being wasted, maybe take a step back and see the results of your work. Are you part of a team and your efforts fuel the rest of the team? Are you keeping the all of the parts of your life, work, and family running?

Or – maybe – not all effort needs to be productive. Maybe you just need to sit on a carousel or spin in a circle in the rain and enjoy the life you have. Let that enjoyment be fuel for later.

(Surprisingly insightful for a Saturday morning and a picture of a windmill, huh?)


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