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Resolutions, who me?

Let’s have a moment of honesty here. I’ve been a little discouraged lately. I’ve been lacking inspiration. There are days I’ve wondered if it is worth lugging a camera around, putting up with strange looks, and constantly being in danger of stepping off curbs because my head is in a viewfinder.

I love photography. I love the power of arranging a shot, adjusting my angle just so to avoid the trash can in the background. I love that I can capture moments. I love that photographs can evoke feelings or prompt memories.

I don’t love putting myself out there. I don’t love posting my soul on social media and hoping people like it. I don’t love constantly questioning my ability, my art, my eye, or my hubris at even thinking I have something worth sharing.

But I do believe that sometimes, (not always, but sometimes) I capture something worth sharing. I capture something that someone, maybe even you, needs to see.

So this year, I’m breaking my usual stance on resolutions. I’m setting a goal. Once a week, I will post a photograph. If my well runs dry, you might get a photograph of my dog, a shoe, or a random shadow. But I will share. I will post. I will not doubt or second guess myself. You might not like them all, but odds are that you will like a few of them. And maybe you’ll reach out and ask if you can buy a print. Maybe not. This goal is not for business. It is for me. And you. And these quirky, artistic, silly, beautiful, or poignant photos I have stashed.

But I need your help. If you notice I am lagging, call me out on it! Encourage. Critique. Make suggestions. Send requests.

That’s it for this week. I’m all out of words. But I did find something quirky to share with you this week.


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