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Unique Perspectives

I like to be a little different.  That might not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about me.  They might think of me as reliable, organized, and thoughtful.  Those who know me better might think of words like funny, witty, and quirky. How I think of myself, though, is different than any of that. I think of myself as a thoughtful poet, scholar, artist, and geek with a love for going fast with the windows down and music turned up loud.

In my photography, I try to do something other than the expected.  I aim to have a unique perspective that captures a moment of unexpected beauty.  Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco where I took several photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  While a few of my shots have the bridge spanning the bay with picturesque sailboats dotting the water, my favorites are a little different.  The bridge in its entirety is a beautiful feat of engineering and a testament to human nature’s innovation, determination, and creativity.  I believe I captured that same essence, but maybe with a different twist.  You be the judge.

Unique Perspectives - Under the Golden Gate

Unique Perspectives – Under the Golden Gate

Unique Perspectives - Golden Gate Foundation

Unique Perspectives – Golden Gate Foundation

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