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Detours and Opportunities

It seems timely as we roll into New Year’s Eve to think about detours.  On our Christmas road trip last week, we got detoured in St. Louis and ended up crossing a bridge I’ve never seen before. It turned out to be a great opportunity for some really cool photos.

A new year is full of goals and plans. Resolutions and good intentions abound. Odds are at least one of those plans will get detoured a bit. Detours can be frustrating, particularly when you can see the path you want to be on, but cannot figure out how to get there. It is easy to be so focused on where you think you should be that you forget to look at where you are.

It is important to remember – a detour is not an end. You will get where you were going, just by a different route than originally planned.  So instead of focusing on where you’d be if you had stayed on path, take a minute, look around, and enjoy where you are.

Happy New Year’s all.

May your detours bring you joy. Remember, they are part of your journey, too.


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